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Add molle storage to the rear of your JK 2 door.  It mounst using the center and rear "top bolt" location, so no drilling required.  The panel has molle pattern throuhout the tray and the side brackets.  There is a 22" clearance from the bottom of the panel to the floor.  This panel design also has 1\4" holes added to the molle pattern for even more flexiblity for attaching your gear to the tray, with a work load of 150lbs. The tray measures 17"x 38". With this panel there is room for the soft top arms to fold down without coming into contact with the tray.  You can load out the bottom and top of the tray with your gear to help maximize your storage capacity. This three piece set come powder coated for lasting durability, 100% USA made, and ships free within the USA.  07', 18' JK 2 door Jeep Rear Molle Tray

07', 18' JK 2 door Jeep Rear Molle Tray

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