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metal jeep molle panel

     I have been making and selling molle platforms on ebay since 2011, under the ebay name "alanjk427". Since the start of selling molle platforms, I have sold to Jeep, Hummer, Land Crusier, Toyota and Ford truck owners.  All of them needing and wanting the same thing, "more storage capability" for their vehicles.  This is a perfect

way to customize and increase the ablity to store more gear safely for off or on road travels.  You probably have seen some of my past customers posting different pics of their various molle panels on the forums.  Just about all of the jeep forums, and the hummer4x4offroad forum are some of the places view pics and read exactly what my

customers are saying about them in their own words.  Also please feel free to view my feedback on ebay for even more testimonials about my products.  

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